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Ironic, isn't it?

Posted by: MDG on February 10, 19100 at 16:08:13:

In Reply to: Bad news for Nader supporters posted by Samuel Day Fassbinder on February 10, 19100 at 01:18:44:

: MDG, I got bad news for Nader supporters: Nader has been "muy perezoso" in starting his campaign -- the name is on the ballot and all, but he hasn't made a public appearance yet. It doesn't be a thing which is in our power to affect.

: Meanwhile, Joel Kovel has been campaigning every day, w/ the barest of chances of even being heard.

Well, that was Nader's less than successful strategy last time around, i.e., being like that baseball field in "Field of Dreams" -- if I'm a candidate, they will come. Ironic that the man with national name recognition ain't actively campaign, while I guy hardly anyone's heard of is working his butt off. We need to combine these two. Either that, or Kovel needs to hire Monica Lewinsky as his PR gal.

:Another important reason bourgeois politics sucks is that its game is set up so that we are to expect ONE PERSON to lead us all into the promised land, i.e. the President, the Governor, the Prime Minister, or whomever is the Head Honcho of any particular system.

I think most people eventually realize that The Savior is a childish myth, although I'm sure there are too many who expect a hero. But when in human history haven't people, under any system, looked to a hero to lead them to the promised land?

:Whereas in real bourgeois power-brokering, i.e. high finance, decisions are made by committee, e.g. the Bohemian Grove club, the Trilateral Commission, the CFR, WTO, IMF, World Bank, etc. etc. Elective monarchy poses as a facade for owning-class oligarchy. Future Green ruminations on "decentralization" should take this into account.


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