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What about the 'Love and Rage' collective?

Posted by: Lark on February 11, 19100 at 12:19:02:

In Reply to: Utopias posted by Barry Stoller on February 11, 19100 at 00:53:12:

: Then there are the real utopias: Robert Owen's New Lanark (factory community, 19th century); George Ripleys' Brook Farm (commune, 19th century); Los Horcones (commune, present, check the internet for their site); and Twin Oaks (commune, present, check the internet for their site).

What about the 'Love and Rage' collective? Successful Anarchist Commune, although Barry maybe wouldnt have a whale of a time there they couldnt care less about Trotsky and dont carry out job rotation at the barrel of a gun.

: Classic fictional utopias of the 19th century include Samuel Butler's imperialistic utopia Erewhon; Edward Bellemy's proletarian utopia Looking Backward 2000-1888; and William Morris' petty bourgeois utopia News From Nowhere.

I'd have thought all utopias would have been derided equally by you Barry what's your problem with William Morris's epoch of rest personally given the choice I'd rather live in his than Bellamy's mechanistic statism, the dream of the industrious middle class professional.

Also how the hell was Morris petty-Bourgousie? He was a Marxist in the same Marxist society as Marx's daughter and son in law so I think they had as clear an idea of what Marx thought as anyone, or maybe, that's right, Trotsky wasnt born so the correct interpretations of the holy see of marxology could not have been made.

: P.S. The Communist Manifesto isn't a utopia---it's a threat!

It's a threat? Just keep spinning your brutalistic murder ballads Barry your impressing no one, no doubt like Lenin you'd be impressed by Necheyev's 'Revolutionary Catechism' with it's bizarre militarism and amorality.

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