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politics, economics and religion are inseperably intertwined with each bearing on the other.

Posted by: Frenchy on February 11, 19100 at 12:26:27:

In Reply to: Church and state. posted by Lark on February 10, 19100 at 15:28:12:

: I'm convinced Bakunin was right.

: My criminology lecturer is a religious minister and a magistrate, he frequently mixs politics, religious dogma (he's notably anti-catholic in my opinion, dismissing them as semi-mindless reactionaries or dullards for believeing in things like the stigmata) and the law.

How come an educated guy like that has never heard of Padre Pio? I've believed for a long time that politics, economics and religion are inseperably intertwined with each bearing on the other.

: He's also very establishment stock, Eton or Cambridge anyone?, I wonder has there ever been a working class magistrate?

Do they really say 'pip pip, cheerio old boy'? at those places? A colonialist wants to know.

: It's convinced me of the reactionary link between the political, economic and religious establishment and the state.

: I got a wil' ol' slagging too, there in a seminar from him, apparently I never smile, my support of eugenics (which I regard as the study of the human animal with a view towards applying science and biological knowledge in such a way as to improve happiness and health and better the social good, it's nothting to do with nazi crap or racial dimensions or anything, damnit!!) was cast in a sinister and bad light and the fact that I persistantly wear a hat seemed to be a real annoyance to him aswell (well he can bet now that there wont be a day that I'm in his company without a hat now!!).

If you wear your beanie backwards I'd have to agree w/ your prof. I hope your not one of those chaps who wear their pantaloons around their knees w/ their skivvies showing. Why does everyone want to look like their out of the ghetto? I don't get it.

: I'm not taking it personal though because it is political.

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