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Pink collar workers

Posted by: Aviar ( USA ) on February 14, 19100 at 11:35:49:

Mr. Stoller,

Last I checked you were still searching for an answer to your query regarding why women (supposedly) earn less then men. Hard-left doctrine holds that (A)-evil capitalists will always hire the cheaper workers so as to maximize profits and (B)-that women make less than men because of sexism.

Well, if capitalists are so doggone greedy, why doesn't every one of them fire the male component of his workforce, paid at rate "X" and hire an all-female workforce and pay them at the deterministic 0.74 x "X"? For a wicked, flint-hearted guy with a $10 million payroll, he could pocket another $2.6 million per annum. Not a bad incentive, right?

It turns out that the "wage gap" the Trotskyites decry is the result of more women being in jobs like day care, secretarial and other clerical positions and fewer in professional occupations.

How does one define "equal" or "identical" work? Currently at my workplace, several of us(male and female) have the same job title and responsibilities. We're all paid differently, according to ability and experience. Are you suggesting that people not be paid according to ability and performance?

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