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I would hesitate to call that oppression

Posted by: NJ ( DSA, MA, USA ) on February 14, 19100 at 11:59:06:

In Reply to: Proletarian revolution posted by Barry Stoller on February 11, 19100 at 00:52:56:

: I wasn't. I was emphasizing that the 'despotic inroads' you left hanging in such dramatic ellipsis were inroads upon property. Yes, people own property. George Washington and his homeboys made some pretty despotic inroads upon King George's homeboys, too. People defending their former privileges will be oppressed. Marxists are out front about this. My post was an attempt to say WHY.

I agree, Barry, that 'people defending their former privileges' will be dealt with. I would hesitate to call that oppression, though, because I don't believe that stripping people of their undeserved property, or throwing criminals in prison after due process, counts as 'oppression'. In my book that counts as 'justice'.
Nor do I think using violence in pure self-defense against oligarchs who are coming after you with machine guns counts as 'oppression'; I would call that 'self-defense'.

We also disagree on WHY this 'oppression' is justified. You argue that it's because the proletariat is now the class in power, and they have the right to impose their will. I argue quite differently, that the capitalists in defending their privileges are acting immorally, and should be punished for this, as should any other common criminals.

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