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Nothing is worth pursuing unless grounded in morality.

Posted by: MDG on February 14, 19100 at 16:29:27:

In Reply to: I believe that NO ONE can be a socialist without believing in supra-class morality posted by NJ on February 14, 19100 at 11:58:03:

: : Barry has made it very clear that he does not believe in supra-class morality (i.e. moral absolutes). That makes his morality quite different from your own. Check out Trotsky's "Their Morals and Ours" (1938).

: I believe that NO ONE can be a socialist without believing in supra-class morality, WHETHER THEY KNOW IT OR NOT. I think I have discerned enough of a sense of supra-class morality in Barry's posts, although he may not see this the same way, it meets my definition of supra-class morality. If someone didn't believe in supra-class morality, they wouldn't support socialism; they'd support a mere reversal of capitalism, with themselves as the new capitalists.

I'm not really sure what "supra class" morality means, but I'm guessing it means morality that goes beyond class considerations. If so, then "supra class morality" is yet more convoluted gobbeldygook in support of an ideology which rationalizes oppression of someone -- in this case, the demonic bourgeoisie, or for that matter, anyone who does not agree with Marxism. I sincerely hope that there are brands of socialism and/or communism which transcend this rigid ideological fanaticism.

I will support a system which strives to protect everyone's freedom, extend justice to everyone, and base equality for all under the law. To me, that's a moral system -- none of this "supra class" nonsense, please.

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