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: : Try "Ecotopia" by Ernest Callenbach. This is a favorite of Earth Firsters! and other deep ecologists.

: What we hate the human race, it'd be better if we all just died off?

Yep, them (though I believe that deep ecologists don't want ALL people to die off, just a lot of 'em).

: : Then there's my personal favorite, "Night of the Living Dead," by John Russo (novelization of the film). While this is not technically a utopian story, what else would you call a world in which everything has fallen apart and the protagonists get to run around blasting carnivorous zombies?

: How does the book end?

Oh...this breaks my heart! Are you not familiar with the greatest horror movie of all time, Lark? "Night of the Living Dead," released in 1968, boldly went where no horror film had gone before. I won't tell you the ending (suffice it to say it's appropriate, and politically charged) because it is imperative that before you depart this mortal coil, you rent this film (and DO NOT rent the newly-mutilated version with new scenes -- bogus rubbish!).

Afterwards, treat yourself to the amazing sequel "Dawn of the Dead" (you will dig the anti-materialistic stance of that one, guaranteed) and the very good trequel, "Day of the Dead" (the military are the bad guys).

You can also rent the 199? remake of "Night of the Living Dead," which ain't bad, but ain't the original.

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