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Barry shake off the sentimental dew

Posted by: Hank on February 15, 19100 at 13:36:17:

In Reply to: Marxist Atheism posted by Stuart Gort on February 14, 19100 at 16:28:53:

I would like to begin my nuanced disagreement with Barry with an unequivocal disagreement with Mr. Gort. At least Barry shake off the sentimental dew which inevitably accompanies discussions about morality and conscience.

: Barry (so profound): In short: whoever claims that such-and-such is the absolute morality governing all people in all places in all times must request that their claim be taken on faith. This may work with illiterate peasants, it won't work with Marxists. Either 'absolute morality' can be empirically defended, or it cannot.
Hank: I've been careful not to talk in terms of 'absolute morality', rather a conscience, which I don't agree necessarily reduces down capricious religious beliefs. I will yield an inability to empirically defend positing such an entity, but don't agree that this inability cripples my argument.

Stu: I've taken note of concepts, like LTV that you defend empirically, Barry.

Hank: I must have missed something. Would you please explain LTV?

Stu: I've also taken note of you (Stoller) getting red and losing your temper when you can't convince your comrades you have empirical proof of your silly theories. Now, when you imply that Marxists are more intelligent than people of faith, I see a critical bias that exposes you a little bit more.

Hank: I don't see that intellligence is the most important issue, but it's clear that many American "people of faith" (i.e. fundamentalist Christians) have attached themselves to superstition which is quite primitive and, in the end, serves the interest of capital. I mean, Pat Robertson might be able to kick my ass in chess, but that doesn't his belief system and worldview any less primitive or odious.

Stu: Perhaps you would enlighten all of us as to the final solution of what to do with all us illiterate peasants. I mean, expressed as a percentage of the population as a whole, we illiterate peasants comprise quite a problem for such a god as you.

I happen to believe that the religion blocks the moral conscience I'm talking about. It's sort of like the group-think that led to the real "Final Solution" to which you most cunningly just referred.

: Happy revolution, Barry.

: Stuart Gort

Happy Slow-Disintegration-of-Life-on-Earth-all-in-the-interest-of-profit, Stuart.

Hank (Who wishes his ending were more catchy)

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