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THere are just tons of Utopias to choose from And i am just trying to remember some of those from my Utopias course.

George Orwell and Animal Farm, or 1984. A crucial point about 1984 is that although it is commonly consumed in the West as a critique of communist Russia Orwell had spent his recent years working in GB as a commisar for the British war effort. His critique dependss on his familiarity of British methods of propaganda developed in a free market.

THe Hand Maidens tale- Margaret Atwood. A feminist Dystopia.

The Lugano Report by Susan George. a recent book not on my course but based on fact. gives a capitalist Dystopia.

Any thing by Fourier. Model towns, model societies etc.

Anything that looks at the PANOPTICON, weberian rationalism just gone too far but a general principle in this world. See Foucault Discipline and Punish. He commits some basic errors but well useful

Childrens book called THE Guardians, cannot remember the name of the author. Set in a fictional world where sociaty is run by some obscure underground group where people fronm the towns are sports mad car drivers divided from the Country folk. Uses a distant war to terrify the population. Well worth he read

erm... can't think of any more for the moment... Good Luck

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