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Posted by: Chuck ( Virginia ) on February 16, 19100 at 18:08:35:

In Reply to: No morals.. posted by Red Deathy on February 15, 19100 at 18:13:13:

:Surely it is encumbant upon revolutionaries to avoid violence where ever possible - and political democracy presents us with that possibility - as Marx observed to teh workers of hollabnd (and England).

Don't you think Marx's 1872 observation about Holland, England, and the U.S.A was based on the relative lack of militarism and bureaucracy in those countries at that time? Do you think he would have said that on the eve of WWI?

: "Parties do not make revolutions, only nations" Marx, interview with Chicago tribune - interesting quote methinks, just randomly bubbled to my mind...

Here's one I just came across: "Far from opposing so-called excesses, instances of popular revenge against hated individuals or public buildings that are associated only with hateful recollections, such instances must not only be tolerated but the leadership of them taken in hand." (Marx, "Address to the Communist League", 1850, in "The Marx-Engels Reader", p.507, second edition, edited by Robert C. Tucker, 1978).

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