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I think you underestimate today's cynicism.

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: : Is this what they teach you in Marxism school? That middle class people, or even rich people, are devoid of feeling for their fellow man because they have a bit more money than others? I suppose any psychological profile which serves your political philosophy helps YOU, but do the rest of us a favor and don't tell us what and how and why we think.

: The point is not how middle class people, or even rich people, FEEL. The point is where these differing classes stand in the production process---for that determines not only their ability to conceptualize their labor as a socialized force alienated from them by capital but it also determines their material ABILITY to wrest that socialized force from the hands of the bourgeoisie.

Okay, I'll concede that if one lives in a sealed box, one sees the world only according to the inside of that box. However, it's been nearly 100 years since the Russian Revolution. People know of communism and exploitation, they know of filthy capitalists and drone workers, they distrust politicians, they know they live lives of internal contradictions (we all want clean air, for example, yet we all drive cars). We're aware of our shortcomings, and society's shortcomings. Irony and cynicism abound; this cannot be the same world as it was when Marx was alive and "workers of the world unite!" was not only revolutionary, but not yet cliched. And so, I remain uncertain that Marxism remains a viable alternative to today's capitalism. It may need to be modernized, in other words.

: A longer post on the topic of where classes stand in relation to the production process is in the works...

Whether I agree with you or not, or stand somewhere in the middle, I do find your posts provactive, so I'll read it with interest (I'm not trying to polish yer apple here, just being honest).

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