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Class collaboration or a whole new arsenal for class warriors?

Posted by: Lark ( Syndicalist Executive, Ireland ) on February 16, 19100 at 18:12:16:

Currently I'm writting a dissertation on social partnership, that is a process of corporatism in which attempts are made to reconcile the interests of capitalists and working people or at least manage the conflict in order to promote the common good, which is economic growth, collaborative advantage in the competition between nations to present their economy as a low risk prospect for globally flexible capital and job creation (which I'll agree with SDF is unfortunate because it accelerates environmental apocalypse even if it promotes social inclusion, job creation and decent minimum wages).

Now I was wondering what everyone's opinions on such an arrangement where? I've been to some other web debating pages and encountered syndicalists and socialists who regard it a grand betrayal in the class war, what does everyone think here?

At present I am undecided because the accounts that I have read of social partnership by Irish corporatist socialists are very good, they wish to empower workers, the unemployed and the community at a macro and micro level, in the most uncompromising of fashions and hold forth Paulo Freire's Pedagogy of the Oppressed as a liberal proposal for empowerment (Now I thought Freire's ideas where fairly uncompromising and militant myself). They are also not buying into any illusion about the social partnership being the end of the class war and support the transformation fo corporatism into a mechanism for the stamping of business people who wish to live without obligation to society, working people or the environment out.

Incidentally it is from them and the irish anarcho-syndicalists that I ahve been getting information on the betrayal of the partnership by the rich, tax evasion, non-compliance with wage agreements and an unwillingness to consider workers as nothing more than parasites with illegitimate claims upon productivity are just a few key points (I'd appreciate any further information on the ansbacker affair if any irish enamies of tax evasion are passing by).

So what is it guys? Is corporatism and social partnership (they arent synonominous Franco and Mussolini where corporatists but the ruled empowerment of the working population out of their programs) betrayal or a new weapon? Anyone who has anything really good to say could get acknowledged in my dissertation.

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