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GOOD!!! Those things are dangerous too!!!

Posted by: Deep Dad Nine on February 17, 19100 at 13:21:59:

In Reply to: A HORSELESS CARRIAGE!!! I AIN'T GETTIN' IN THAT THING!!! posted by Garloo on February 16, 19100 at 14:20:47:


DDN: Well, maybe you SHOULDN’T since automobile accidents are among the top ten causes of death, millions more are injured in them every year, they are polluting the air we breath, and quite possibly are destroying the integrity of Earth’s atmosphere. And how silly you look driving 1,500 pounds and $20,000 worth of poison spewing glass and steel two blocks down the street to buy a bag of “freak” food, or sitting in rush hour traffic for 2 hours per day to get the money you need to pay for the car that affords you such inane and false luxuries.

We don’t rush out to buy gas combustion vehicles because they are a SAFE means of transportation. We buy them because they are a means of transportation PERIOD. We don’t ride in them because they are the best possible alternative to a horse and buggy. We ride in them because they are primarily the ONLY alternative to horses and buggies that are AVAILABLE. We don’t manufacture them buy the millions, and to the exclusion of all else, because some well meaning enlightened scientists determine, at the end of each fiscal year, that these big, expensive, clunky, gas guzzling, death traps are the best thing for us in leui of mass transportation or transportation over long distances. There’s no telling what we’d be riding in if our infrastructure wasn’t built around and controlled by the industries that produce - or rely on the production of - automobiles for their massive storehouses of wealth.

So yes, STOP GETTIN’ INTO THAT THING!!! ………If you can.

Garloo: A flying contraption?!! Have you gone mad? Wait,wait wait. Your going to inject me with a small amount of a virus in order to protect me from it? It's a mad, mad world Daddio.

DDN: Vaccination shots? Injecting people with viruses to protect them? Yeah, it DOES sound kinda f_cked up, doesn’t it? Well guess what…..a lot of SCIENTISTS think its f_cked up also. What of THAT? And I’ll bet hard cold cash that the “scientists” that are steadfastly unconcerned about the dangers of vaccinations TEND to be the ones whose finances, careers, and egos are threatened by expressing or believing otherwise, not by the ones who are looking at the issue free of personal economic concerns.

And, again, its not like you have much of a choice in the matter either. You were vaccinated in school, weren’t you? Did anyone ask you if that’s what you wanted? Did anyone ask your parents? Did anyone inform your parents of the pros and cons of vaccinations before you received your shots? They didn’t with ME. They just told me to go stand in line. These shots are mandatory in most states and some of them are given to newborns without the parents informed consent. Try “opting out” of vaccinations for your kids and newborns and let us know how much fun you’re having exercising your “freedom of choice”. Yes, it is mad, mad world Garloo.

Garloo: I guess it's really your arrogance that drives me crazy if you want to know the truth…..

DDN: Well, no one is PAYING me to look the other way.

Garloo: …..To think that you instinctively know more about something than the scientists and doctors that have devoted a lifetime of research to that pursuit is perverse…..

DDN: Why? They didn’t devote their lifetimes to developing their instincs, did they? Especially when it pays so well to ignore this HALF of human nature. How arrogant is it for you or anyone else to assume that your sold-out corporate science has the right to override my most basic, god-given instincts? How many examples do you require of “science” screwing us over because common sense (ours and theirs) and our ever-eroding ability to think for ourselves took a backseat to biased scientific studies and blind scientific ambition? Just about everything that’s wrong with modern western culture has its roots in misplaced scientific worship. When scientists figured out how to split the atom and learned that a tremendous amount of energy is released in the process I’m sure we were all very impressed - and perhaps rightly so, but now that we have to worry about blowing ourselves back to the stone age your position is that only a arrogant asshole would have had the audacity to raise concern or protest. THAT’S perverted. Likewise, most science is currently devoted to what CAN be done, not what SHOULD be done. Its science and science worshippers that need to check themselves, not me.

Besides, it not just instinct I’m going on here. I’m one of those ancient relics that prefer to use BOTH halves of my brain for issues like this. Its perfectly LOGICAL to me that rapidly and artificially introducing alien organisms en masse into an environment that would otherwise never encounter such organisms and that has spent millions of years establishing the complex balance it rests in today is generally a bad idea. Unless of course you’re a wacko Rush Limbaugh creationist that thinks no life of any kind existed prior to 4000 BC, that in that time frame mankind has demonstrated a 100% thorough knowledge of creation, and that there’s no such thing as an ecosystem (I actually heard him say this once).

But if all of this is to much of a stretch for you, then just go ask the FDA’s own scientists what they think (if their not all dead, fired, or paid off yet). Their studies showed that GE foods were NOT safe. The FDA simply chose to ignore their own scientists. Why? Well, for starters, at least one of the top FDA authorities a that time was previously a Monsanto executive and went back to work for Monsanto right after GE foods were declared safe. Turns out there’s a revolving door between the FDA, USDA, and big ag/chemical companies like Monsanto that make this sort of bullshit a matter of routine. More details available upon request.

Then my favorite spinster of all, Dan Glickman, Secretary of agriculture, publicly announces that there is “absolutely no difference whatsoever between GE seeds and their genetically engineered counter parts. Its now become cliché to mock him by sighting how many billions of dollars and years of research Monsanto wasted on producing a corn variety that is absolutely no different from the variety it was derived from. What a corrupt moron. What do you think he was using here Garloo, his instinct or his intellect? Correct answer: Neither.

Garloo: ….As I'm sure my faith in them is to you. I'm willing to concede a lack of knowledge to them as it would behoove any reputable, private scientific interest to debunk this research in a large, public forum. None are forthcoming…….

DDN: I’m not sure I’m following you here. You’re not saying that there’s no private scientific interests publicly debunking pro genetic engineering research, are you? That sure would be news to ME.

Garloo:….Furthermore, I'm not surprised that those other countries don't want our products. I would hate to have to compete with them too.

"Sir, can I interest you in a bushel of organically-grown, sustainable-agricultural-plot-produced, ginkgo biloba, fungus-ridden mush pellets?"

"No, I think I'll just have some of that sweet tasting Yankee Corn instead. Thank you."

DDN: I don’t know where you’ve been doing your organic food shopping at, but the organic food I’ve been eating for the last two years, at worst, tastes and looks the same as its non-organic counterparts and often blows some of it away in regards to these superficial qualities. I’m sure that Europeans nations, some of whom have always looked down their noses at our lame ass, mass produced food, know the difference as well.

And protest is coming from all corners of European society, not just those that might suffer a financial loss as a direct result of GE crop imports. Their non-sold-out scientists know as well as ours do that GE foods are poorly tested and potentially pose unspeakable risks to our health and to our environment. Nor is their general public as gullible as the USA’s, if any people in the entire WORLD are.

Garloo: The solution is rather simple. You don't want it, don't buy it.

DDN: Right, no problem.

Ok, let’s start with a little background first. Roughly 50% of the soybeans, 30% of the corn, and nearly all of the wheat harvested in the U.S. last year was grown from genetically engineered seed. This harvest goes to the same grain elevators that the non-ge crops do. Then these materials, in one processed form or another, go in to roughly 80% of everything in your typical grocery store or supermarket. Walk through the isles of your nearest grocer and read the product labels sometime (if this activity doesn’t offend your sense of hard science). You’ll see that pretty much everything has derivatives of either soybeans or corn in it. Can you say “Ooops”?

Thanks to the lobbying efforts of big corporate agriculture and corrupt federal officials previously employed by these same private interests, the remaining 20% of food products, give no indication as to whether or not they are GMO free. So, unless its labeled “organic”, you’re screwed. And most grocery stores in the US don’t have ANY “organic” food in them at all.

Powerful multinationals like Monsanto are now trying to force the US government to allow GMOs into the federal organic food standard so that even the “organic” foods won’t be worth a shit to people who care about what they eat. The only reason they haven’t gotten away with this yet is because 100,000 people took the time to petition the US government to ban GMOs from the federal organic standard.

So where does that leave us? If we don’t keep fighting these assholes tooth and nail from here until eternity, we’ll be stuck with absolutely no choice whatsoever when it comes to ingesting these unholy and UNNATURAL freakazoid organisms. So if some young rebels want to raid a lab and uproot some plants then more power to them. The REAL objects of their wrath should be glad someone isn’t trying to rip their testicles from their bodies, because that day moves ever closer.

Garloo: The rest of us might die of cancer as you suggest but it seems unlikely considering the average life-span in the U.S. is at the top of the heap…

DDN: Untrue. I’ll get some stats for you. Doesn’t matter anyway since we probably kill more people worlwide than any other country. Kinda puts a weird hue on mortality stats, doesn't it? BTW are you refuting the stats from ACS that 50% of all males in the US will die of cancer?

Garloo: ……and constantly pushing upward. And it seems increasingly more likely that fear of competition led the people you describe to find the first crack in the armor and cry foul. They have every right.

DDN: Fear of competition? Multinationals and big corporate ags are doing everything they can to force everyone in the world to come to them for food. THAT’S “fear of competition” and they have NO RIGHT WHATSOEVER. (Case in point: Terminator gene technology)

Garloo: This is a great quote from your post:

"Petty raids like the one you described MUST occur in fascist capitalists states in a desperate attempt to combat the massive amounts of brainwashing their citizenry are emersed in."

DDN: Gee, thanks.

Garloo:…..Uhhh, dude....You ever been to St. Paul? I didn't think so. You're a bigger joke on yourself than I could ever conceive.

DDN: Uh huh. What’s in St. Paul? Utopian Socialism perhaps? Oh, no, let me guess…..one million homeschooled homesteaders that are just PRETENDING to be like everybody else. In all fairness, I’m aware of St. Paul’s reputation as a high minded, intelligent, and conscientious population per capita, but no one completely escapes SOME assimilation by the corporate US government and its minions and I know first hand that St. Paul is very much the exception and not the rule. Just ask the people that are from there. Then go visit the brainless wonders of Iowa or LA. Point taken though.

Garloo: I may die of cancer, but a stress-induced heart attack is looming on your horizon. You really need to chill out. You sound like an idiot and I doubt, very highly, that you are.

DDN: I don’t really think you’re an idiot either. I just think you’ve been manipulated to a degree that you are not willing to even entertain. That could still place you really high on the bell curve, but a lot of good that does you when you’ve been conditioned to listen to corporate science (i.e. commercials) to the exclusion of all else, and when you’re content to die slowly of cancer at the hands of your master instead of standing up for what’s right and dying with some honor.

I’ll keep your “chill out” advice close at hand. I don’t want to kick the bucket before I see some of these multinationals die from eating their own food.

McSpotlight: For the record, the average life expectancy for the US citizen is lower than that of the average European; and only fractionally higher than that of the average Cuban.

DDN: Thank you. I believe also that there are several isolated populations in asia with average life expectancies approaching 100 years.

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