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Posted by: Samuel Day Fassbinder ( Citizens for Mustard Greens, USA ) on February 19, 19100 at 19:50:20:

In Reply to: Claims... posted by Red Deathy on February 18, 19100 at 20:19:12:

: : Social Revolutionaries (974,885; 54,375; 58; 14).
: : Mensheviks (76,407; 15,887; 12; 4).
: : Kadets (168,781; 101,106; 17; 26).
: : Bolsheviks (75,409; 198,230; 12; 51).

: : You have proved MY claim: that the Bolsheviks had the support of the majority of Russia at the time of the revolution.

: A majority of a reduced turn-out, and some mere 198,000 votes out of a population of 200 million. Further, it was a *slight* majority, as much caused by walk-outs and dissafection with others, as with conscious support *for* the Bolsheviks - i.e. the bolsheviks played the dirty game of grubbing for votes in order to lead, in just the same way as Labour polliticians do now...

SDF: You'll note that this makes arguments of convenience out of arguments about what the nonvoting masses "really think"... if they didn't vote for party A or party B this means they 1) didn't support any party, 2) were just too busy to vote at all, 3) supported all parties but felt no obligation to choose, 4) really supported party A but didn't make it to the polls, 5) really supported party B but didn't make it to the polls, or 6) feel free to spout any of the above or anything else one wants, according to one's prior political indoctrination...

The revolution will come about, if it comes about at all, not through some sentiment that "naturally" accompanies capitalist development, but rather instead through the conscientization (i.e. the learning process) of the working class...

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