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Posted by: Lark on February 21, 19100 at 11:59:47:

In Reply to: A Crack at Morality (A Little Better) posted by Hank on February 19, 19100 at 19:54:23:

In a way I would agree with you that Barry's marxologist religious position on Morality is relatively correct, that is, that capitalism, or the political system spawned by the present class structure, it would be fuedal, nazi or bolshevik, does attempt to morph morality and make it comply with their institutes and socio-structural vision but, and I think this is crucial, I would say only RELATIVELY correct.

After all you do get moralist socialists and despite the cold, heartless and potentially amoral attitude of certain 'scientists' socialism does have an important ethical dimension.

Then again as I said before it's not all ethics there are factors such as the continued survival of the human race, living in a society free from class hatred and undeclared civil war to be considered.

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