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Posted by: Lark on February 21, 19100 at 11:59:59:

This is particularly of interest to Americans but the europeans etc. might just happen to find a batch of the books in their book shops aswell as I have.

There are these people who are producing books for next to no cost called 'Dover Thrift Editions' you can get a free catalogue at:

Dover publications, Inc. Dept. DTE, 31 E. 2nd Street, Mineola, NY 11501

This isnt just a plug, why would I want to assist even the most honest capitalist in making a buck?, I got a copy of Edward Bellamy's 'Looking Backward' Unabridged for just 1.90 (that's $2.00 in the US and $3.00 in Canada), it's a socialist master peace in my view (although the Marxist William Morris wasn't keen on it and wrote 'News from nowhere' in reaction, which did contain a number of legitimate contrasts against Bellamy's vision, such as, the decision making processes and the legitimate role of a socialist executive authority but by and large it's a matter of disagreement rather than irreconcilable clash of ideology) because it addresses inequity etc. in common sense terms without reference to heavy ideological dogmatism which has served to marginalise socialist politics to the extent that it appears like a fringe cult of some variety.

I've bought copies of that book for my friends, there's other publications too, like Thoreau's grand defense of John Brown in 'Civil Disobediance', Thoreau's Walden, Waldo's 'Self-reliance', Lincoln's speeches and Du Bois's 'The Souls of Black folk' (which I reckon isnt purely a racial account but could be considered the record of oppression for any socially excluded and attacked group) and publications I dont even know about, I've not got the catalogue.

Just a tip for everyone, I know I could do with getting books cheaper.

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