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Hello Barry Stoller - YOU ARE RIGHT

Posted by: Matt ( USA ) on February 21, 19100 at 12:03:09:

I was reading your posts in support of the Bolsheviks a few days back and I adamantly support your side of the argument. A lot of socialists have picked up anti-October revolution sentiments recently - maybe because of the rightward drift and the false idea that Leninism somehow "flowed" into Stalinism. Also, I'm reading posts about non-violent revolutions which is absolutely ridiculous (first of all, the capitalist class will always resort to violence to protect their interests, and force the revolutionary class to physically defend itself or else be completely smashed).

My question is, why are you wasting your time writing long essays arguing against these bozos? You could be a leading Marxist theoretician and write books or something, or even better be a great revolutionary at the head of a movement! Go for it!

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