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Why not also assign the description of 'entrepreneur' to the same people that you would call 'social scientist'?

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: or Lenin.

: I beg to differ.

: (Most) workers do not discuss Mills, Rand and Lenin by chapter and verse, but they are surrounded by their ideas and they do have opinions on those ideas as they affect them. Every time you champion Bill Gates for 'deserving' his riches, you discuss Rand. Every time you question whether or not your boss is really smarter than you, you discuss Lenin. Every worker spends some time being a political scientist, they have no choice, really... Every working day is a political experience...

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: 1. Lenin, 'Imperialism, the Highest Stage of Capitalism,' Collected Works volume 22, Progress Publishers 1964, p. 301.

OK, fine, if your definition of a social scientist includes workers who gripe about not earning what they think they ought to earn, usually approxiamately as much as Bill Gates, workers who question the intellect of those who are above them in the hierarchy, then isn't it also fair to define budding entrepreneurs as workers who look about and see fresh ways in which to organize a contemporary process? Why not also assign the description of 'entrepreneur' to the same people that you would call 'social scientist'?
And in this economy especially?

There are too many opportunities being created for anyone to say that they are 'wage slaves' to any but their own inferiorities. The opportunities are created, ultimitely, by an individual who has the courage to do something different, to take a chance. Not everyone can or even should do this sort of thing, but those that can't will forever be 'social scientists' while those who can will become entreprenuers.
Socialism/Communism can only deaden the initiative of those who are willing to take the risk of failure and thereby ensure that progress in all arts are slowed.

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