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'hell or connnaught'

Posted by: Lark on February 22, 19100 at 12:52:33:

In Reply to: This myth is just another attempt to demonise the English posted by Darcy Carter on February 22, 19100 at 10:17:21:

: ---------As I understood it, there were many offers to help the Irish from various sources in England. These were almost universally obstructed by the Irish landowners who were concerned to maintain the high prices domestic food was fetching due to the famine.

I dont doubt that there where ruling class elements willing to conspire to make money out of the misery and holocaust, but hey, to be really honest, post plantation you would have been really, really hard pushed to find an Irish landowner. Can you say violent imperialist plantation? Can you say the English took the land of the Irish the way the US planters took it of the indians?

: Can you really imagine that the English would attempt genocide against the Irish - with what motive?

Oh lets see, wars of religion of 1690, Cromwellian Religious war and anti-catholic holocaust, I believe it went something like to 'hell or connnaught', connaught being a shitty part of Ireland hardly supportive of life (well back then anyway), so your motive is religious, it's also racial, the anglo-saxons hate the celts (at least they did).

:This myth is just another attempt to demonise the English and the comparison with the holocaust is offensive.

Is it really, perhaps, you really, really just dont know what your talking about mate. Do you know about your nations bloody imperial history? Are you proud of it? It wasnt all heroic minorities holding forth against hoardes of savages like 'Zulu', there where concentration camps in Africa and engineered famine was a favourite of the imperial authorities.

Your obvioiusly indignant but dont pretend to be innocent.

:Not least to the victime of that crime. The work "genocide" is now bandied around so loosley that it is loosing its true meaning.

Oh, I really dont bandy about genocide that easily and I know my history, perhaps you should learn yours.

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