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I just like to sak if anyone really, really cares?

Posted by: Lark on February 22, 19100 at 13:02:20:

In Reply to: A few more comments on the October Revolution posted by Barry Stoller on February 22, 19100 at 10:36:08:

Apart from Barry, does anyone really care that the murderous bolsheviks have their names cleared?

Does it really make any kind of a difference to the economic system or base of society if the bolsheviks where oh so innocent or not? No it doesnt the whole argument is part of the ideological super structure, the bourgousie, if you muct use 19th century rehtoric, dont care if you all get mixed up in heated debates about whether Stalin or Lenin or anyone else was the man of the month a complete age ago, infact they are happy your not arguing about reform or self-managment because that really might spoil their day.

Infact the whole argument is about as important to real change in peoples lives as whether or not creationism or darwinism is correct or whether or not there was a resurrection, important questions for sincere indivduals but they dont matter a damn to the free society, that is unless you dont want freedom you want your own personal sectarian authoritarianism with pictures of the icon of the month adorning every street corner.

Incidentially petty-bourgousie is a pernicious term used to label anyone who isnt bolshevik in the same manner the various churches label opponents or freethinkers heretics or heresy fifth collumnists.

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