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Posted by: Lark on February 22, 19100 at 15:38:01:

In Reply to: If that's your idea of 'knowing my history', you can stick it up your arse, 'mate'. posted by Dracy Carter on February 22, 19100 at 14:44:13:

I think it's about time we put our not hostile t-shirts on friend, I'm not trying to flame you, or get you riled, I've no problems with the average englishman, I would regard Farinata/Gideon, McspotlightRex, RD etc. as friends, what I am concerned abouut is either your ignorance of or apologetics for your countries history, I'm trying to interpret things from an IRA or Loyalist posistion but the only positions I regard as just truth and non-partisan scrutiny of evidence.

: --------Obviously, as I disagree with you I "Don't know what I'm talking about" and ""should learn my history".

That is never my position with anyone, I hate people telling me simply because I disagree with them that I am ignorant or should go and read Marx etc., as though that would make everything immediately clear, if I have insulted you that has been unfortunate but I genuinely think that you do not know the extent or intention of the actions of the empire.

:Of course, I had forgotten history has only one interpretation and that is one coloured by our contemporary values projected into the past and by the "historian's" political ideas.

That's a fact any history student will be aware of but I'm trying as far as is possible not to let my perspective be coloured by personal views and sentiments, after all I did accept your position that some irish land owners conspired to profit from the famine but I do not think that is an adequate explanation of the near extinction of the people of a nation that is just of the shore of the then world superpower.

: -------If that's your idea of "knowing my history", you can stick it up your arse, "mate". Perhaps you should learn your historiography.

I've got GCSE's and the equivalent of A levels in History, again I can see that your riled by the entire debate, which is unfortunate, perhaps you are a patriot that still believes 'my nation, right or wrong' I would like to debate this further once we've all had a cool drink, a warm beverage and chilled out.

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