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More than just a symbol of racism

Posted by: David ( USA ) on February 23, 19100 at 12:42:39:

In Reply to: Flags and embloms the same the world over. posted by Lark on February 22, 19100 at 12:54:10:

: : There is currently a big debate in South Carolina over whether the state legislature should take down the Confederate flag. I am not leaning either way on the issue, I think it is something that the states populace needs to decide. However, I have heard some good arguments either way.

: Flags and embloms the same the world over.

True. I talked with a friend of mine who is from Texas and a southerner at heart and I asked him about the confederate flag issue. His sentiments were that it was not a symbol of racism but a symbol of southern freedom. You see, the civil war was not started over slavery issues, it was started because the south felt that they had no say in congress or in the political process of the country. For instance, the Northern congressman were able to outvote the southern ones and establish what was known as the Tariff of Abominations, as well as Northern states were willfully going against federal laws and the South had no recourse. The straw that broke the cammals back was when Abraham Lincoln was voted president, despite that fact that his name was not even on any of the ballots in the south. He had even stated in his inaugural speech that he had absolutely no intention of abolishing slavery in any of the states. The south seceded because they felt their states rights had been ignored. It was only later on in the war when the North was considering letting the South go that Lincoln decided to issue the emancipation proclamation and free all blacks in the southern states that had seceded (note: slaves were not freed in the border states that had remained loyal)to add a sense of moral purpose to the war and make it something more grand that just a politically motivated civil war.

: : :(What they should be worrying about is if the black population every stopped calling each other nigger and started to call each other comrade, then the North Could Rise Again!!)

: : : To me it's the same deal, uni's have been bombed and burned in Northern Ireland for less.

: : I am not quite following you here. Marriages are recognized by the state as being legally binding contracts. What I think is important is that couples get special benefits in the way of taxes. Homosexuals should be afforded the same privilege.

: That's what I suspected, it's not so much the recognition of the association that as legitimate that is wanted as the benefits and privileges, I have to totally disgaree with you here but then I believe marriage is about procreation and with that in mind homosexuals would never be deserving of the same benefits as heterosexuals.

I think marriage is about more than procreation. Marriage is about dedicating yourself to someone else you love and swearing to remain faithful to them. Procreation is just one part of marriage. Besides, a gay couple could always adopt. Or, in the case of lesbians, they could use artificial insemination.

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