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Voting is not enough!!

Posted by: Lark on February 23, 19100 at 14:04:36:

In Reply to: If the people wanted a communism wouldn't they elect the communist party posted by Crowley on February 23, 19100 at 13:14:33:

: If the people wanted a communism wouldn't they elect the communist party, and if they don't then isn't taking over a worse crime than the one you try to prevent?
: Crowley

Hold on, when I talk about insurrectional or subvertive tactics I'm not talking machavellian power struggles, that is the most illegitimate form of institutional power and should be prevented as a crime, what I'm talking about is constructing an alterative administration 'in exile' which is more democratic than the existing on, and by democracy I dont mean mob rule but empowerment.

However in either instance voting is not enough, you must be prepared to become self-sufficient, engage in direct action and force authority to take notice, ideally the socialist individual should work towards a situation where they are their own doctor, union rep., police officer, defense force soldier etc. so they could preform any of these tasks, then they wont be forced into dependency on either the capitalist or the feeble, feeble, feeble state.

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: McSpotlight: When has a democratic election included the chance to vote for a Marxist or Communist on an equal footing to the capitalist parties?

Good point McS. but I suspect you think voting isnt enough either, the executive is a large part but society is stronger than the executive authority, the state is a ditch behind which are concelled the fortresses and earthworks of society.

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