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Yo SDF! I got 'yer religious right here!

Posted by: Garloo on February 24, 19100 at 11:13:11:

SDF: Yo Lark! This thing about religion: why believe in something that just isn't really there? Why? Until you can answer me that, Lark, you'll just appear to me as someone struggling to make sense of the world.

Garloo:: A world which you, in your infinite wisdom, have figured out to the letter, huh?. I fail to see how Lark's faith in religion, or lack thereof, is germane to a discussion about history and I don't care either. What I do know is that there is more courage and conviction in his words, by orders of magnitude, than in your silly, lackluster posts. Maybe he gets it from faith in "something that isn't really there." -I don't know.

Additionally, where you get off telling someone from Northern Ireland that faith amounts to little more than an adolescent "struggling to make sense of the world" is beyond me. But then again, lots of things are,
and I'm left wondering if you have equal contempt for Deep Ecologists
for whom nature is very much a religion.

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