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Grow up

Posted by: St(r)oller on February 25, 19100 at 16:22:41:

In Reply to: You want a RUCK stroller?!! Stop Talking About Me Behind My Back!! posted by Lark on February 25, 19100 at 11:02:14:

: Now I know your a fithy Troskyist and prone to employ Filthy Trotskyist tactics when debating, that is, for the uninformed slander, abuse, insuations and lies...

You have your nerve, Lark. You've only 'alluded' to me a million times this month, as well as mentioning me by purposely mis-spelled name another million times.

: What my current problem is, is this 'Lark's me first politics' where the fuck did you get this?


: Or the 'any further to the right' bullshit?

When I see comments such as marriage is about procreation and with that in mind homosexuals would never be deserving of the same benefits as heterosexuals, then, yes, I would say that you're pretty far to the right.

: What about the party first...

You allude, of course, to Crick's misrepresentation of a Trotsky quote in Deutscher's biography of Stalin. I disproved that erroneous claim here.

: As to the denial of class?

You have denied class differences here.

: Now you can choose to ignore all this...

I choose NOT to ignore your ignorant misrepresentations of Marxism or me. Periodically I respond to your immature ravings, such as now.

: However, that's not the issue, what is the issue is your slander and lies, your saying I'm disloyal and traitorous (I've never evaded tax, I dont own stocks or shares, I dont think Tony Blair or Clinton or Gore are 'dangerously leftwing socialists', shit I never have more than 75 in my damn bank account!!, or anything else), you employ words like petite bourgousie or liberal to convey this and go crying about things to SDF instead of trying to debate with me, I want you to EAT YOUR DAMN LIES!!

If you will look here you will see that SDF brought your vacillating political orienation up for my consideration. I am entitled to my opinion of your politics, as you are entitled to your opinion of mine. If you don't like the attention they receive, then perhaps this debating forum is too stressful for you.

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