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Catchy, no?

Posted by: Frenchy on February 25, 19100 at 19:45:50:

In Reply to: Yes, why? (better) posted by Stoller on February 25, 19100 at 17:33:25:

: : The true revolutionaries of today are those who are willing to take economic risks.

: That's a great slogan, Frenchy; your own?

No, I read it in a recent issue of Forbes. Catchy, no?

: Please permit me to take exception...

: Capitalists certainly take risks.

: Because capitalism is predicated upon the existence of a class of people who own nothing but their labor-power and a (much smaller) class of people who own all the means of production (and, hence, society's survival), what is risked by capitalists is not only their own 'initiative' and work---but also the labor of everyone else. Capitalists risk everyone else's jobs with each 'intrepid' decision they make. As a matter of fact, when we acknowledge the signal importance of the stock market upon society, capitalists risk ALL of society's productive capabilities with each business deal.

Not really true. A capitalist can also be of the labor owning class. As long as everyone has something that approaches a level playing field then everyone has the opportunity to take that risk. There have been to many success stories in the recent past to deny this.
And who benefits?
Well, the proles, you and me. We are able to make distances disapear because of intrepid entrepreuners and converse w/ each other in a semi-civilized manner.

: Why should an unelected minority be allowed to risk so much? Because they're Promethean supermen, perhaps? Or simply because they have the power? Same difference.

If what they are risking is their own capital, let them. If they succeed, I succeed. If they fail, they fail. What a bargain.

: All power to the Workers! Workers of the World Unite!

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