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Right, right.

Posted by: Loudon Head on February 25, 19100 at 20:00:34:

In Reply to: Hope you'll stick around buddy. posted by Lark on February 25, 19100 at 11:02:50:

: : I was about to ask you the same thing, only with the terms reversed.

: Hmmm, I'm non-partisan remember? Empowerment knows no allies, especially when it's empowerment of working people.

Right, right. Anti-capitalism is objective and non-partisan whereas pro-capitalism is ideological and partisan. I always forget that.

: It's not about being pro-capitalist or, in a trad sense, pro-socialism/communism/marxism but being pro-freedom and anti-class war (Class War happens, not between classes but between the exceptionally privileged and the common folk, regardless of their ideological inclination).

I am also pro-freedom and anti-Class-War. It's just that, for me (and, yes having applied much critical reasoning) capitalism is synonomous with these positions.

: : Now excuse me while I fly this "reason" thingie to Cuba.

: Huh? What would you want to fly to Cuba for?

Just a joke. You said that we'd "hijacked reason" and I figured since I'd hijacked something I might as well fly it to Cuba. :)

: Stick around I could do with some abuse or slander free debates, I'll be a minute or two though since I've got to pull all these daggers out of my back, the ones Barry Stroller put there.

Yes, that has gotten nasty hasn't it? I'm still here, but I haven't had much to contribute lately as all the discussion of which socialist plan is the best one is beside the point to me. ("Should we murder the world with bombs or knives? Or should we do it all hand-to-hand?" I say "Let's not murder the world" to which Stroller inevitably announces "What blather! Your post in the trash!" as if that constitutes an argument.)

In the meantime, I've been reading Bellamy's Looking Backward, to be followed immediately by Morris' News from Nowhere. So far, Bellamy is rather charming in his naivete. I'll have something more to say about the book when I'm done with it.



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