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but yes...

Posted by: Piper on February 25, 19100 at 23:05:34:

In Reply to: Yes, but... posted by David B on February 25, 19100 at 15:11:13:

: :Piper: There is absolutely nothing wrong with that HECS system. You might turn your chagrin to something more useful like the system of full fees that are being mooted by 'greedy greedy gavin brown'.

: Ok. I agree that if students MUST pay for thier education, then HECS is the best system. But the question remains why we should pay at all. Knowledge isn't proprietary.

Piper: But there are bills to be paid to the academics and the like. I think it is fair to require students to put some small amount towards their degree.

: I was simply using HECS as an example of how reformism is quite often just short term. I'm as pissed-off with Gavin Brown as you are.

: And, you may know this, but HECS has changed from a flat rate to a differential contribution. In effect, this means students pay more. If you commenced your course before 1 Jan '97 you pay $2600 for a full time full year study load. But if you started after that date you pay based on the units you study. There are 3 bands ranging from $3463 to $5772 P.A. The situation just keeps going down hill.

Piper: Yep i know this (you should see my HECS bill!). I agree it sux. It is however one thing to do this and another entirely to put in full fee places.

: But remember, just because conditions are worsening, it doesn't means we must argue for the status quo.

The thing that concerns me are the full fee paying places currently on offer. It's equivalent, as far as i am concerned, to bribing your way into a degree. It also offends the principle of distributive justice.

The real problem of course is the god damned howard government.

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