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Ageism next? ~Or just more intellectual snobbery.

Posted by: Lark on February 26, 19100 at 12:52:55:

In Reply to: Grow up posted by St(r)oller on February 25, 19100 at 16:22:41:

: : Now I know your a fithy Troskyist and prone to employ Filthy Trotskyist tactics when debating, that is, for the uninformed slander, abuse, insuations and lies...

: You have your nerve, Lark. You've only 'alluded' to me a million times this month, as well as mentioning me by purposely mis-spelled name another million times.

: : What my current problem is, is this 'Lark's me first politics' where the fuck did you get this?

: Here.

Which you have fundamentally Misunderstood and Insist upon misunderstanding, that statement is about SELF-ADVOCACY and DIRECT ACTION, I dont see how you can have a revolution without either, since you cant have 'the emancipation of the working class can be the work of the workingclass alone' without it but then I'm no Vanguardist.

: : Or the 'any further to the right' bullshit?

: When I see comments such as marriage is about procreation and with that in mind homosexuals would never be deserving of the same benefits as heterosexuals, then, yes, I would say that you're pretty far to the right.

That's typically arrogant, your trying to rewrite the political spectrum to suit yourself setting down certain lifestyles as distinctly left-wing and others as not, that's just like the rightwingers who suggest abortion is murder but the death penalty is not.

: : What about the party first...

: You allude, of course, to Crick's misrepresentation of a Trotsky quote in Deutscher's biography of Stalin. I disproved that erroneous claim here.

Make reference to that all you want the fact is that you are a vanguardist you own loyalty to the vanguard before yourself and your 'class'.

We all know those vanguard parties are made up of nice tolerant uncorruptable people now dont we?

: : As to the denial of class?

: You have denied class differences here.

OK you stick to your nineteenth century class definitions if you want, the evidence of history has judged the people who have stuck fast to out of date concepts and it'll judge you aswell.

Just a few questions:

Marx is the sponging friend of a factory owner, Kropotkin and Bakunin are both landed gentry, Lenin was 'middle class' and so was Trotsky, Guevara and Castro where both middle class, one a doctor. the other a lawyer is there any clear picture emerging? Is it that all the stuff about the class loyalties and concrete divisions is nonsense?

If you continue to dispute my position, which is that there is a class war being waged against working people, the working poor and the idle poor and that the opposition is going to have be a social group commited to a classless society drawn from a wide range of social classes, then explain, without reference to Marx, the on mass co-opting of the working class into capitalism.

: : Now you can choose to ignore all this...

: I choose NOT to ignore your ignorant misrepresentations of Marxism or me. Periodically I respond to your immature ravings, such as now.

'immature ravings' that is a SLANDER, if you cant construct any meaningful response other than this and a handful of insinuations about treachery then soldier on I've got more capable people to debate with.

By the way I'm not big on interpreting Marx, I'm not one of these Political Jesuits like you I'm a freethinker and while I can pay heed to the good strains of Marxism, such as, Adorno, Marcuse, Horkeimer and Gurin, I dont care for anyone who wishes to implement it as a secular religion and violently enforce it as the letter of the law.

: : However, that's not the issue, what is the issue is your slander and lies, your saying I'm disloyal and traitorous (I've never evaded tax, I dont own stocks or shares, I dont think Tony Blair or Clinton or Gore are 'dangerously leftwing socialists', shit I never have more than 75 in my damn bank account!!, or anything else), you employ words like petite bourgousie or liberal to convey this and go crying about things to SDF instead of trying to debate with me, I want you to EAT YOUR DAMN LIES!!

: If you will look here you will see that SDF brought your vacillating political orienation up for my consideration. I am entitled to my opinion of your politics, as you are entitled to your opinion of mine. If you don't like the attention they receive, then perhaps this debating forum is too stressful for you.

No it's not stressful at all but your singular cowardice has been very obvious to me in your continued ignoring of posts made in opposition to me or your other MANY left-wing opponents, I was not aware SDF had raised my views but that makes little difference, you seem only to want to comment upon the a strain of quasi-religious leader/thinker veneration perhaps it is all you are versed in and can make reference to.

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