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America: Technology and Freedom

Posted by: Jason ( USA ) on February 26, 19100 at 12:54:57:

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: Motley_David: I believe America MARKETS better
: than anyone...
: Motley_David: offers the best and most focused
: Motley_David: and, third, has the best TECHNOLOGY.

How do you explain the fact that America has the best technology... why did Russia and China fail to become the place where everything from the transistor to the Internet were developed? There is one thing Americans love... their freedom. That's why socialist policies could never be successful here. Americans don't like having their lives regulated by a big government. I was reading an article about the urban sprawl that is so common around American cities and so rare in Europe, thanks to centralized planning that pretty much controls how European cities grow... and also how people are going to live their lives. If those same policies were tried in America, we might as well forget about the good ol' three bedroom, two car garage, 2.3 children that the American Dream is all about. Americans enjoy their independence... exactly why the automobile is a vital part of our culture. In short, I don't believe socialism is compatible with American culture.

I'm sure even Adam Smith would have admitted that capitalism isn't perfect, or even close. I seriously don't believe Adam Smith's idea of capitalism can work... there must be some government intervention to prevent profit interests in check with the interests of the people. However, what other political system grants the people what they really want... not a sharing of the wealth, but freedom... that's priceless. The First Amendment that Americans exercise every day... David Letterman makes his living exercising his right to free speech! Do I care that David Letterman makes a lot more money that I'll probably ever have just because he tells good jokes? Money can be lost just as easily as it's gained... you can't take it with you.

I'd much rather be poor and live in a country where I can practice my religion than be rich and persecuted for my faith.


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