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But... err... no... well...

Posted by: David B ( Australia ) on February 26, 19100 at 15:41:37:

In Reply to: but yes... posted by Piper on February 25, 19100 at 23:05:34:

:Piper: But there are bills to be paid to the academics and the like. I think it is fair to require students to put some small amount towards their degree.

:The thing that concerns me are the full fee paying places currently on offer. It's equivalent, as far as i am concerned, to bribing your way into a degree. It also offends the principle of distributive justice.

Is $20k+ a "small amount"?

Distributive justice should mean that the people who are able to pay for education do so, and the people who require that education receive it. Payment for that service should be separate from use. That is, an equitable tax system should be in place to ensure that these services are available to all. This should also apply to health and transport. I pay over $20 a week to travel to uni, and so do many others.

In a way, HECS is just a stepping stone towards full fees. It's a shame that it was Labor that brought it in, but that just happens to be the case and there is no reason to support it simply because they did. There are better ways to fund tertiary education.

:The real problem of course is the god damned howard government.

Now that's something I totally agree with. The quicker that little fart and all the other useless a***holes are kicked out of government, the better. They are doing virtually irreversible damage. It really irritates me that Beazley isn't aggressive enough. He just lets the constant flow of opportunities to make them look like the fools they are slip by.

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