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The interference of state in the market does not mean socialism.

Posted by: baktash babadi ( ., Iran ) on February 27, 19100 at 00:40:19:

In Reply to: Curious what you all have to say about this.... posted by Jason on February 25, 19100 at 11:24:22:

: Motley_David: And I believe America is the most
: globally relevant country in the world.
: Motley_David: Without being a snob or a
: chauvinist about this...
: Motley_David: I believe America MARKETS better
: than anyone...
: Motley_David: offers the best and most focused
: Motley_David: and, third, has the best TECHNOLOGY.

The Dont know the meaning of Imperialism.America is successfull in
bussines and economy because this coutry is the greatest Imperialist
In the world.They have economic growth in the expence of exploitation of milions of people in the third world.Just have a look to the statistics about the yearly trade surplus of the countries.

: Motley_David: I'd say Americans are incredibly fortunate
: to have so many great businesses...
: Motley_David: established and emerging...
: Motley_David: around us. It happened because
: we believed in capitalism...

America is furtunate becaus the World War II destroyed the economic power of europe.Because the most of countries were (and steel are)colonies of Ameria.Latin america,middle east, to mention a few.

: Motley_David: at a time when most of the rest
: of the world...
: Motley_David: was socialist...
: Motley_David: in practice even if not in name...
: Motley_David: Great Britain, the birthplace of
: capitalism (Adam Smith)...
: Motley_David: was operating as a socialist
: entity for decades before Thatcher!
: Motley_David: And much of the rest of the world was
: far, far worse.

GB was never socialist.The interference of state in the market does not mean socialism.even a planed economy does not meen socialism necessarily.
Even The soviet union was not socialist in my opinion ,at the most optimistic terms it was a state-controlled capitalism.
The role of Tatcher was only reapearing the crude face of capitalism
and imperialism,The crude face which was made hidden because of the fear of communism.

: Motley_David: What I'm saying is, we're really lucky.
: Motley_David: And as America gets imitated...
: Motley_David: the world's markets will continue to free up.

Yes! You are lucky because every fool is lucky!,as he dont understand the disasters,he can only see as far as his nose.
be locky in your foolness forever!

: Motley_David: It's a great story.

and the capitalism is a more great catastrophe

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