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Risking generalizations

Posted by: Barry Stoller on February 27, 19100 at 00:41:28:

In Reply to: What ifs. posted by David on February 26, 19100 at 12:54:28:

Stoller: Did it ever occur to you that had you been born to a life-long wage-laborer father instead of a capitalist father you might be championing benefits for all workers with the same conviction you presently champion for none?

: Yes it has actually. However, what if scenarios are hard to use when refering to yourself.

You are correct. I do have a importunate habit of risking generalizations (if for nothing else, I am so frequently reinforced for so doing).

: I do not think it is entirely having a capitalist father.

No, there is the entire ideological apparatus that capital controls that 'assists' everyone's thinking.

: For instance, I know very affluent guys who are completely for socialism and increased benefits (don't ask me how they manage to live with themselves).

I do not dismiss the possibility of some ruling class members going over to the other side; as I've said before, I believe that the historic necessity of socialism's hegemony will produce class traitors.

Let us test the socialist convictions of your friends, however: do they consider job rotation---i.e. the effacement of the distinction between skilled and unskilled labor---an essential socialist tenet? That issue tends to seperate the bourgeois-socialists from the proletarian socialists in a thrice...

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