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:Perhaps if I were more learned I would have been an abolitionist but they only comprised the top brass of academia who understood the issues. Everyone else was technically racist, if not violently so.

What about John Brown? The white middle class landowner who attempted to inspire and arm balck slaves in an attempted abolitionist insurrection? Or Thoreau? Where they that privileged and educated?

Point taken though, people really wherent clued in at all back then all it took really was a little flag waving, we should know better now though.

: Actually, there were several all black regiments, but few of them ever saw any action and were essentially the grunt workers for the army. They were used to dig earthenworks and dig graves. They were also treated horribly, recieving less pay than the white soldiers. A good movie about an all Black regiment is Glory.

I always liked that film Glory, it is more than likely that the black regiments where cannon fodder and slave labour.

: What is actually happening now though are lesbians marrying gay men and then pursuing their own love interests for the benefits. Perhaps a solution would be to eliminate benefits altogether.

Well personally the fact that benefits are provided to support certain lifestyles to me is a bad idea anyway but what about the other point, what would differentiate marriage from association or friendship if same sex couples where premited to marry?

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