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Sorry to hear your so busy man.

Posted by: Lark on February 27, 19100 at 00:44:16:

In Reply to: People, people people.... posted by BASE727{mad cow patrol} on February 26, 19100 at 15:41:49:

: People, I dissapear for a while and it looks like everybody is at each others throats. How can we ever get anything accomplished? How can we keep all those evil and rotten Capitolists in line if we don't stick together? I probably won't have time to answer any responses from this posting as I'm very busy these days

: James

Sorry to hear your so busy man.

Fact is there was I time I'd have agreed with you but the fact is that some folk are so convinced that their local branch of Trot inc., even themselves, consistute the proletariat incarnate.

Now I've tried to speak to these sorts and persuade them to play nice but what do you get insinuations and accusations of treachery and a sprinkling of doctrinare nonsense.

I think if I was ever to face of an armed capitalist Mob and Stroller or his like where to my back I'd be shot my my own 'side'.

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