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I'd give the guy a break

Posted by: Lark on February 27, 19100 at 00:44:40:

In Reply to: wow posted by Andre Fortier on February 26, 19100 at 12:58:12:

: wow, u ppl r amazing. u put some much light into perspective. i will definately have to keep coming back again and again
: it's too bad soo many ppl sell out to McDumpster's. i had 1 freind who hated the place, now he f**kin' works there!

I'd give the guy a break if I was 100% to my principles I wouldnt work at all, I'd be gainfully unemployed/unemployable but I'm forced into working involuntarily for people I really hate, worst employers in Ireland that's no nonsense, to raise funds for books and an education so I dont have to tolerate involuntary labour that is just as harsh all my life.

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