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their just dumb people with cash.

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: : What do you think the capitalists today would make of such an idea?

: : You're not the only dude unacquainted with Smith...

: : _______________

: :
: : Note:

: : 1. Smith, The Wealth of Nations, Modern Library Edition, pp. 734-5, emphasis added.
: :

: If that were true how did we manage to produce the most inventive people in the world? Instead of having a nation of morons, as Smith seems to claim division of labor leads to, we have an educated populace in a country where thousands, if not millions, of foreign nationals vie to send their children for education (moral and cultural morons, maybe).

They're all dumb.

: No matter how tedious a persons job is that doesn't prevent him from continuing his own education and pursuing his own goals. Night school, courses, two jobs, whatever it takes.
: Just do it.

You'd still be dumb, American education produces dumb people, you couldnt all hack it in Europe, especially not Northern Ireland, dumb people go to American Uni's because they know the dollar rules in the US they can buy degrees and qualifications to make them look not as dumb but the really smart people, people like me, know their just dumb people with cash.

Oh, there are exceptions to the generally intellegent Europeans, like that Dumb Shit Von Mises.

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