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Just indulging my interest in survivalism when....

Posted by: Lark ( Jolly Green Socialists in Steamrollers Out Looking for Capitalists, Ireland ) on February 28, 19100 at 16:37:22:

I was jsut surfing around there looking at survivalist things when I stumbled across a debating forum in one of them. Well this forum was full of moaning and bitching old men who where 'really suspiscous' of the government, yeah right you dont have the first notion about the real shit that goes on behind closed doors you bitching republicans and if you did you wouldnt beleive it anyway because your all convinced that business large and small is holyer and more trustworthy than Christ on the Cross and complaining about businesses bad behaiour is like desicration of a church.

Stop your damn moaning and bitching you over feed pampered bastards!!

And another thing the police searched your house? Well maybe if you wherent scared of them finding your Klan robes and semtex bellow your pillow you wouldnt be that worried.

Anyone with an opportunity to kill an American Capitalist is doing the world and his wife a favour, well seen they need the death penalty to prevent open season on their hairy asses!!!

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