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Slowly boiling frogs

Posted by: MDG on February 29, 19100 at 13:39:42:

In Reply to: Election or Insurrection? posted by Lark on February 28, 19100 at 12:08:10:

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: Besides do you think that because libertarians like Gee have an attachment to long term visions, such as completely unmoderated or mitigated capitalism and the capitalist ideology's defeat of all opposition regardless of the consequences, they neglect voting for the republicans or other politicians? Even if they are self proclaimed 'anarchists' and should be opposed in principle and practice to electing politicians?

Damn straight! Here in the United States here, in the last 30 years the Republican party, abetted by conservative Democrats, have passed law after law, executive order after executive order, and regulation by regulation, slowly bringing the country ever rightward so that now, what used to be considered far rightwing is now mainstream.

Change over time is still change.

: Of course they dont and that's one of the reasons they defeat the left wing so eaily and are so successful at lamponing us as loonies.

I'm reminded of an early AIDS activist chant: "AIDS cure now!" Even though I share that desire, simply demanding something immediately doesn't mean it can be done, and in fact make the demander appear immature and foolish.

: Election or Insurrection is a false dilemma, all the lunatic capitalist and facist associations, parties, militias, church groups, teachers, lobbyists, politicians, soldiers (real or irregular) understand that, i think we should to because lets face it Red the fate of the human race rests upon it.


: Your position of lets have an insurrection, yesterday isnt soon enough, is no less legitimate but it is ridiculous if it is so remote as to be suicidal, there is no such thing as 'revolutionary suicide' either it is a resignation, an acceptance of defeat.

Keep in mind that insurrection=violence and you'll understand why many people, especially people with children, want nothing to do with it.

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