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Socialism/communism has a libertarian, rationalist, egalitarian and moralistic dimension

Posted by: Lark on February 29, 19100 at 22:27:27:

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: Who is to say that capitalism is working in the U.S? No, we are not forced to eat, but we are given specific times and places to eat. We are not free. We have never been really free. You are forced to work or starve. If you can't tell I am doing a pro-communism report for my debate class : ) I would appreciate your thoughts.

Greetings comrade.

I see your tackling the need for communism/socialism from the stand point of the fact that it would deliver, if it wasnt implemented in Jack booted fashion, the greatest individual and social freedom, excellent course of action, I once heard a socialist comment our goal is liberty the means is equality, he was a sound bloke that guy.

Socialism/communism has a libertarian, rationalist, egalitarian and moralistic dimension, each is worthy of promotion but unless you have a particularly free thinking debating class they'll all attack you with dumbass rehtoric scalfed from some 'libertarian' website.

Remember socialism is Sweden or Norway not Russia or Cuba and communism involves the abolition of all tax and government, see Morris's news from no where for a vision of perfect communism, I dont think perfect communism is ever going to happen but then perfect competition is never going to happen either, most capitalists have abandoned any commitment to it now and instead try to lord it over everyone with their personal empires.

Plus never forget the ecological dimension both capitalism and old socialism thought you could get infinite growth from finite resources, modern socialism and eco-socialism no that the failure of capitalism to live up to it's early aspiration of managing the distribution of scare resources is it's greatest failing.

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