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capitalism as a socio/economic system has out lived it's usefulness

Posted by: desperate danny ( world socialist movement., GB ) on March 01, 19100 at 00:31:35:

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: Who is to say that capitalism is working in the U.S? No, we are not forced to eat, but we are given specific times and places to eat. We are not free. We have never been really free. You are forced to work or starve. If you can't tell I am doing a pro-communism report for my debate class : ) I would appreciate your thoughts.
1. My first thought is that capitalism as a socio/economic system has out lived it's usefulness, having developed the means of production to a degree unimagined 150,100,or even 50 years ago, it's now and has been for a long time obsolete. Capitalism for most of us is a barrier to meeting our human needs because, if you don't have the dosh you don't get, wich can translate as, no money no life. Capitalism is a social relation and can only exist in an atmosphere of alienation, that is people (us) unaware of who we realy are, and so,it must follow,unaware who anyone else is, therefor unable to relate naturaly directly, human to human.
2. Communism/socialism will only come into being when this alienation is trancended, when we relate to one another truley, as members of the same human family, bringing in accordance with our means, taking in accordance with our needs, as in any family worth the name, and look at it this way, with the abolition of comerce, business, trade, the 90% of workforce who now in efect sell what the remaining 10% provide, will be free to bring there energy and creativity, in harmony with nature, to prosocial endevour, so looking after ourselves in socialism will be a dodle.
3. In a society of abundance with no buying, selling no money even if in the remote chance someone wanted to be a crook how would they manage it?,
4.Greed?, no such thing, just the fear of not having enough. No one has ever set out to get rich, stay rich, whatever, what people set out to do is to avoid poverty! avoiding poverty is the dynamic in capitalism not getting rich!.
5. In communism we will have the time to and develope our individuality discovering the creative artist in ourselves.
6. There will honest generous and co-operative relationships in socialism, there will be great sex.
7. For more thoughts check out the world socialist movement website.

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