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Leaping to the left will liberate those frogs!

Posted by: MDG on March 01, 19100 at 00:33:39:

In Reply to: What about the Forgs right to life? ;-) posted by Lark on February 29, 19100 at 19:04:09:

: : Damn straight! Here in the United States here, in the last 30 years the Republican party, abetted by conservative Democrats, have passed law after law, executive order after executive order, and regulation by regulation, slowly bringing the country ever rightward so that now, what used to be considered far rightwing is now mainstream.

: This is what it's about and while the US right have CIA assistance, we should learn from their example and pretend we're fighting the enamies of ethical people in the ninteeth century.

I alway harken back to the El Salvadoran experience wherein the rebels (Marxist or otherwise) were on the verge of toppling the fascist government when Reagan, via the CIA and other underhanded organizations, sent in advanced search & destroy airships to save D'Aubisson's nazi ass. The rebels were able to hit and run because of the tropical forest in which they hid, but these American airships had infrared technology and hideously powerful machineguns. They spotted the rebels from high in the sky and literally blew them to pieces; those people never had a chance -- and no gung ho weekend warrior in the United States with paint on his face and a deer rifle from K-Mart will fare any better.

: : Change over time is still change.

: What's more, is it's far more premanent and difficult to remove, like an old or engrained stain.

That's exactly right.

: : : Of course they dont and that's one of the reasons they defeat the left wing so eaily and are so successful at lamponing us as loonies.

: : I'm reminded of an early AIDS activist chant: "AIDS cure now!" Even though I share that desire, simply demanding something immediately doesn't mean it can be done, and in fact make the demander appear immature and foolish.

: Exactly.

: : Keep in mind that insurrection=violence and you'll understand why many people, especially people with children, want nothing to do with it.

: Insurrection is suicide if it is norhing more than violent resignation to the enamies might.

Agreed, which is why even a hobbled democracy is a preferable means to change, rather than (rebel) blood running in the streets.

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