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Posted by: David ( USA ) on March 01, 19100 at 13:25:52:

In Reply to: Translation posted by Stoller on February 29, 19100 at 22:23:57:

: : American public schools produce dumb people. The private universities in the U.S. are wonderfull. You get what you pay for.

: Public schools produce ideologically compliant workers. Private universities train the next generation of bosses to control and exploit the workers. You get what you can afford.

Well Barry, that being said I can go to sleep safe and sound...that is, until you and your revolutionary rag-tag army come by to give me a good rotation!
Actually, I heard something today that I found particualrly funny, I was babysitting for this child today and I watched Disney's Anastasia with her. It is absolutely hilarious, you see it is set during the reign of the Romanovs (Nicholas the second, I think) right around the time of the October revolution. Well, Disney slight revised history and made it that instead of a Lenin leading the workers to storm the Winter Palace, a jealous Rasputin incites a bunch of un-happy russians (read: workers). Absolutely classic. :)

McSpotlight: Disney? Revising history? - now *there's* a surprise.

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