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Yeah, I meant Frogs, Forgs was a typo.

Posted by: Lark on March 01, 19100 at 13:30:24:

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: : This is what it's about and while the US right have CIA assistance, we should learn from their example and pretend we're fighting the enamies of ethical people in the ninteeth century.

Typo #2 this should read: 'and not pretend we're fighting the enamies of ethical people in the nineteenth century'.

: I alway harken back to the El Salvadoran experience wherein the rebels (Marxist or otherwise) were on the verge of toppling the fascist government when Reagan, via the CIA and other underhanded organizations, sent in advanced search & destroy airships to save D'Aubisson's nazi ass. The rebels were able to hit and run because of the tropical forest in which they hid, but these American airships had infrared technology and hideously powerful machineguns. They spotted the rebels from high in the sky and literally blew them to pieces; those people never had a chance -- and no gung ho weekend warrior in the United States with paint on his face and a deer rifle from K-Mart will fare any better.

That is so damn right, I've considered to practicalities of insurrection or even guerilla warfare and I've decided that it's far, far, far to costly if not out right impossible, the culutral coup however is not as the right has demonstrated.

When I was refering the CIA I meant the way in which they has suttly interfered with popular culture from during and after the Cold War to develop, with the aid of neo-liberals, the capitalist culutre of today, they began with the out right propaganda of public service announcements that had a guy in a suit with a film reel of russia and a spewing of rethoric 'they're filthy, godless, conniving bastards' but gradually built up to ego massaging counter information for the middle class with whispering of 'look at those dumb Europeans trusting their government'. That and the vague anti-big brotherism of shows like the X-files, in real life it is the large corporations that are developing the weird and unnerving goods and holding the vast personal files on people.

: : What's more, is it's far more premanent and difficult to remove, like an old or engrained stain.

: That's exactly right.

Yeah, there's no permanence to merely administrative socialism, wether it's the New Deal (I read the FDR was the favourite US president aside from Lincoln in the Guardian Newspaper there recently) or a dictatorship, it's just another target for the 'we're anti-(whatever)' brigade or unthinking morons.

: : Insurrection is suicide if it is nothing more than violent resignation to the enamies might.

: Agreed, which is why even a hobbled democracy is a preferable means to change, rather than (rebel) blood running in the streets.

Yes, the counter revolutionary measures of the modern governments, particluarly the US, surpass anything ever known, I believe counter-revolutionary (renamed counter-terrorist in an Orwellian twist)science is taught to the CIA in their special schools, it was fine to talk of insurrection in the nineteenth century even right up until the 1980's when, provided weapons could be acquired, citizens had, broadly speaking a kind of parity in strength with their governments (I dont mean in exact terms, I mean the weakness of the government would be the citizens strength but now governments have very little weaknesses, that's not to underestimate the 'irregular' forces a socialist insurgent would have to counter like the armed 'patriots' or 'Christian' identity Cult), now it's all down to culture wars, which is so, so, so much more than electionering or reformism, I mean imagine if talking about conservatism rendered you a stigmatised lunatic and the debate was between Keynesianism or Syndicalism or the Communism or RD? Raise a cheer for futures past.

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