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Notes for the insurgent.

Posted by: Lark ( Socialist realists, Ireland ) on March 01, 19100 at 13:31:18:

Contrary to popular belief among some people I'm not for spontantious uprisings or the like or unplanned revolution, I think if the people who talked all day of revolution actually planned one instead of talking about it they would be more convinced of the need of some kind of culutral coup like that effected by the Reagan-Thatcher-Friedmann-Von Mises Axis.

Here are somethings to consider:

Do you have the intelligence data required?
-What are the names, addresses, telephone numbers, number plates of the local Judiciary, prison officers and personnel, social services, corporate utilities CEO's, Private security firms, bodyguards, hostile/unsympathetic police, military elements, the politicians, church leaders, labour leaders, rival political factions or associations and 'irregular forces'?
-Do you know the routes these people take to work? There return trips home? The transport they use?
-Do you know the exact strength and capacity of the enamy, in terms of weaponary, training, transport, counter-intelligence, motivation and tactics?
-What are the rules of engagement?
-Have you any infiltrators or government agents in your movement?
-How much can you tell your troops?
-What type of a struggle are you prepared for, war of attrition or putsch?

Do you have the resources?
-Do you have medical and health personnel on hand, with sufficient supplies? Do you have sufficient food stores? The workers starve first in a strike. Do you have military trainers and advisors?
-Do you have sufficient ammunition, explosives or weapons? Are you weapons adequate at all to counter the enamy?
-Do you have fixed and fall back positions? Have you established any undeclared atonomist or 'free' zones?
-Have you applied for recognition as a government in exile at an international level?
-Do you have enough funding for a war effort? Do you have enough members, soldiers and 'sleepers'/sympathisers?
-How many safe house have you? How many of your insurgents are 'lily whites' EG no attention from the state at all.
-What is the structure of your movement? Cell structure, brigades, foci gurillias, conventional army?
-Are you prepared for the realities or rural or urban survivialism, both practically and psychological?

-what is a legitimate target? What is not? Who are the individual targets? Do you have appropriate intelligence?
-what specific plans have you made for the assasination or execution of identified targets?

You see the putschists arent military minded, I'll bet they havent read the briefing documents or manuals issued to soldiers who are going to enter a war zone like Iraq or Kosovo (I have), or a regular training manual (I have), or a sab's manual (I have), or information of now to survive interrogation or prison regimes (I have) not to mention the survivalist dimension or organisation dimension, other wise they would recognise the utopianism of what they advocate.

(Dont ask me how I read all that stuff, I could get done under the prevention of terrorism act, even though I'm convinced of the remoteness and suicidal nature of a head long violent or military struggle, like Gramsci said when the central office of the CP of Russia said all socialists should rise up against the th Nazi dictatorships instead of join the resistance, you might aswell head butt a wall)

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