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Have it your way. I disagree then.

Posted by: Garloo on March 02, 19100 at 10:28:59:

In Reply to: I don't think we're on the same wavelength. posted by MDG on March 01, 19100 at 18:49:22:

I'll tell you how it plays out:

I'm employed by a small but very high profile design company. We are being bled dry by a lawsuit we have against a very large, very high profile clothing company. I'm not sure I should be talking about the lawsuit so for the purposes of this discussion we will refer to the large company as 'The Gyp.' The same people that might conceivably own a chain of stores called 'Old Scavy' and maybe even 'Bananas Republican'.

The Gyp stole several images from us and put them on T-shirts of which they sold about six million dollars worth. They tried to hire our senior designer away from us to help promote their new 'Old Scavy' stores because they, admittedly, couldn't do it without his help. They ruined the look and feel of my company's work by plastering it all over the second-rate clothing in their third-rate stores without paying for it. The Gyp's lawyers are sharks. They've prolonged this ordeal for years now. The Gyp obviously have more resources than we do but all the money in the world cannot reverse the fact that they broke the law. We will win, of that I am certain.

As far as O.J. goes. They failed to prove that the rat was guilty. The burden of proof was on them and they failed. Not so much because they were outmatched,(If someone wants to go broke paying attourneys fees they every right,) but because they were unprepared. Perhaps public defenders should recieve pay and training equal to that of their private couterparts. I don't know, but it might help to level the proverbial playing field. Do you, as a lawyer, wish to uphold the law, or would you rather engage in further class war mongering. I say just do your job and win. Uphold the law by any means necessary. Your a bright guy, you can do it.

And as far as Ventura goes...What legislation has he passed that your so fond of? Yes, he is fun to watch but a more limelight seeking, power mad, turncoat, thumb sucking baby I cannot recall. He has not kept a single campaign promise. He was elected as a fiscal conservative but turns out to be a tax-and-spender. He wants to spend a billion dollars on a silly little choo-choo train from downtown MPLS to the Mall of America. He calls the 2 billion dollar surplus the state of Minnesota enjoys a balanced budget when the surplus comes from over taxation.(The fourth highest taxed state in the Union.) Yes, his candor is refreshing but his politics are very stale.

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