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You stylin' man, you know?

Posted by: Trots. on March 02, 19100 at 10:36:32:

In Reply to: 'Human Nature' . . .Huh? posted by Sloopy on March 01, 19100 at 15:21:04:

: Like I say, I'm looking out for my own ass. And my ass stretches to every continent every corner of the globe. It even goes all the way down in Antartica where theiy're drilling for oil . And they're drilling hard. I don't like that.

: But who's to blame? 'Nobody', of course.

hey man, you really be stylin', you know? I be feelin' da same way. I don' wan' be worryin' 'bout nobody else neither, you know? Dat's for chumps. Dat gig you got? A babe at home and one parked outside and one on da side, dat's kool. What da hell are weddin' vows for anyways? Dey just be words man, you know? Dey don' mean nuttin anyway. Every body do it. Look at the Prez, huh? Sheeet, dey all do it.
An' not only dat, but like when I be signin' a contract, like when I bought my new Mercedes? You know, dat ain't nuttin' but jive man...I plan on stagin' a wreck and collectin' on de insurance...yeah, vows, contracts, all dat be jive man, you know?
Conscience, hell man, wot dat?
I really like your style, you be tellin' it like it is, you know? Like you say man, look out for #1, an if dat means ditchin' the kids an de ole' lady, hey man, dat's it. Go for it. Ain't nuttin' but a cheap ass vow, don' mean nothin' no way, you know? An if dat mistress wants to drop a dime? Helll, man, ain't no biggie, dey's plenty a fine babes out dere.
I don't know 'bout dem 'Palestine' dudes, but if dey can't be protectin' demself, who cares? Besides, even if'n dey does signs a treaty, shoooot man, ain't nuttin' but words, you know, like a weddin' vow, sheeeet.
Like you say man, about the 'dreadful realities', you know, who be wantin' to dealin' wid dat?
An' your rif on 'fluid conscience', dat's where I be, you know? I be smart enough to make my own rules depending on whatever man. I don't need nobody be dictatin' to me what be right an wrong. Sheeeet, dat be for chumps. I wanna do sumpin', I does it.
Hey man, an' like you say man, "morality" and "moral absolutes" really rank high on da shit-o-meter wid me tooo, you know? Sheeet, I gots six chillen, all diffren' mommas, so?
Anyway Sloop, nice to meetcha, my street name is Trots.

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