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A Short Post on Violence

Posted by: Sloopy on March 02, 19100 at 11:33:26:

Maurice Merleau-POnty wrote in Humanism and Terror that "Communism does not invent violence but finds it already institutionalized . . .The question is not to know whether one accepts or rejects violence, but whether the violence with which one is allied is 'progressive' and tends toward its own suspension or toward self-perpetuation."

Communism is about translating ethical ideals (uh, morals?) into actual social relations. Capitalism came about with appeals to universal equality, and Communism aims to finish the job. How much credibility does capitalism have in that it's history is nothing but violence and bloodshed?

What if I were to come to your house, throw you out, kill your wife, mangle your son, rape your daughter, eat your food, and change your locks? What would you do? Try to take your house back?

Then if you tried to break the door down to kill me, could call MY cops to have you thrown in jail. Then I'd preach to you about peace and non-violence. If you persisted I'd throw you in jail AND put you on tv where the whole population would hear the story from me, the 'peace-loving' property owner.

This is how the white-man's capitalist peace looks to the many Native Americans and minorities.

Non-violence is about TACTICS and RESOLVE, not morality.

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