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Posted by: Lark on March 02, 19100 at 15:15:11:

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: That may be so, however, but the point is that the companies own the land or the forests or the lakes that they are extracting resources from. Mr. Loudon Head was arguing that when companies own the land and the resources they take better care of it. Yes, there will be some exceptions, such as companies that are fly by night operations hoping to capitalize quickly. However, those companies that are in it for the long run will make sure that they always plant more trees than they cut down so that there will be more next year. Similarly, fisheries will not dredge their fishing areas, completely wiping out the fish populations.

That's all perfectly alright in theory but here's a few facts to consider:

-The state housing the world over isnt always respected by it's inhabitants, why? Because they have no stake in it's ownership, now explain to me why when the whole world and every little thing in it belongs to Bill Gates et al why there is any logical reason the people wont disrespect it also?

-The 'fly by night' out fits that you describe that are interested in turning a short term profit are the ones that prosper the most under capitalism, it's about competition and you dont win competitions by planning longterm and taking heavy immediate losses.

-You believe that companies have some interest in perserving the environment, they dont, it is all resources, the logic of capitalism is that:

1. The capitalist knows the price of everything and the value of nothing.
2. Capitalism thinks it is possible to infinitely grow the economy on exhaustable finite resources.

McSpotlight: [sic] - Latin for 'thus' - it means 'I'm quoting this from a text word-for-word exactly as it appears'

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