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Seven Deadly Sins

Posted by: Deacon Jones ( St. Who-deyah? ) on March 03, 19100 at 11:51:44:

A couple days ago Frenchy mentioned the Seven Deadly Sins, saying they "explained a lot." I'm guessing he meant that they're a pretty good guideline for morality.

Lots of you---who probably weren't raised Catholic as Frenchy and I were and didn't probably see Bradd Pitt's movie "Seven"-- might be wondering: What are the Seven Deadly Sins?

Well, the easiest way to remember the Seven Deadly Sins is to say "pewslag." That's Pride, Envy, Wrath, Sloth, Lechery, Avarice and Gluttony. Now, let's see how they pan out.

Pride: This is what our bosses and politicians are allowed to have and we can't , unless we're fathers, in which case we're allowed to have all the pride we want in our own home.

Envy: This is what capitalist want us to have for our neighbor's consumer goods , but we're not allowed to envy the capitalist class' ownership of the means of producing these goods. Envy is a sin because workers should know the place that God has made for them.

Wrath: This means that the US government can bomb countries at will but I'm not allowed to throw a brick through a McDonald's window.

Sloth: This means that workers have to work but capitalist get to live off capital gains, interest, royalties, rediduals, dividents and corporate welfare without doing any work whatsoever.

Lechery: Celebrated, commodified, encouraged in every way except the actual act. Keep your hands to yourself, Mr. President!

Avarice: "Money isn't everything." Right, and that's a great proverb to tell poor people so they won't want any. But the corporate "bottom-line" is profit, so we must remember this is another sin from which the rich are exempt. That is, applies to workers asking for a raise, not to the bosses raking in profits

Gluttony: Finish your Big Mac, Timmy! Did you know children in Central and South America were thrown off their land so McDonald's could make that?

The mass is over. Go in peace.

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